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Hello in many different languages

Sample a new language in a 10-20 hour course with one of AACC's many noncredit foreign language courses. These courses are ideal for students wanting to explore a new language for personal enrichment or for travel. Choose from beginning, intermediate or advanced courses - even online speed courses. Learn basic French, Spanish, Italian, German and more. 


LAN 302 Beginning Arabic 1


LAN 315 Basic Chinese

LAN 345 Basic Chinese II


LAN 328 Basic French 

LGE 369 Beginning French 1 New Section Added

LGE 372 Beginning French 2 New Start Date

LAN 344 Intermediate French

LAN 352 Advanced French Conversation

LAN 378 French Literature

LAN 351 Speed French (online)


LAN 331 Basic German: Culture/Customs

LAN 354 Basic German 2 

LAN 383 Beginning German I  New Date

LAN 384 Beginning German II 

LAN 355 Conversational German

LAN 362 Advanced German Literature


LGA 376 Beginning Italian

LGA 386 Beginning Italian II

LGA 390 Conversational Italian

LAN 369 Italian Conversation II

LAN 375 Reading Italian Literature

LAN 381 Italian Conversation III

LAN 350 Speed Italian (online)


LAN 340 Speed Japanese (online)


LAN 372 Beginning Russian 1

LAN 370 Beginning Russian 2

LAN 366 Conversational Russian 1


LNA 882 Non-Credit Spanish Placement

LAN 377 Basic Spanish  New Section Added

LGE 380 Beginning Spanish I New Section Added

LGE 320 Beginning Spanish II New Date

LAN 376 Spanish Conversation

LAN 367 Intermediate Spanish I

LAN 373 Intermediate Spanish II

LGA 394 Advanced Spanish New Time

LAN 382 Non-Credit Spanish Placement Assessment

LAN 368 Advanced Spanish Literature

LAN 349 Speed Spanish (online)

LAN 303 Speed Spanish 2 (online)

LAN 314 Speed Spanish 3 (online)

Spanish Interpreter Courses

WLS 305 Court Interpreter Spanish: Module 1 (online)

WLS 306 Court Interpreter Spanish: Module 2 (online)

WLS 307 Medical Interpreter Spanish: Module 1 (online)

WLS 308 Medical Interpreter Spanish: Module 2 (online)


LAN 358 Basic Portuguese

How to Enroll

The courses on this page are noncredit, meaning you won’t earn college credit toward a degree. You don’t need to apply. Just choose a program or course that interests you, and check the noncredit schedule for a class that fits your schedule. Note the course number, section number and start date and register through our online portal, MyAACC.

For help, email or call the Instructional Support Center at 410-777-2325.

Find a course using our online course search.

Learn more about registering for noncredit courses.