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Read, read, read.
~William Faulkner~

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The Reading Department offers three reading courses to prepare you for credit coursework. Our courses are offered at various times and locations to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you! Please see below for more detailed information.

Reading Course List

RDG-026 - Reading Your World: Develop skills, habits and attitudes that will result in more effective reading and studying. Strengthen language and vocabulary skills, using prior learning and experience as a foundation. Identify main ideas in reading selections, find important details and understand relationships between sentences. Explore how skills in reading transfer to problem solving in everyday life.

RDG-027 - Participatory College Reading: Prepare for academic reading at the college level by developing more advanced participatory approaches to critical thinking and problem solving. Practice strategies that encourage active reading of college-level textbooks. Identify thesis, main ideas, and details, with an emphasis on inferential comprehension. Explore how skills in reading transfer to problem solving in everyday life.

RDG-028 - The Critical Reader: Explore and reflect on what it means to be a critical reader. Improve analytic skills through discussing how authors develop and support their theses. Analyze, evaluate and synthesize persuasive writing. Expand vocabulary and sharpen ability to use context to infer meaning.