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What Courses Will Transfer?
Are you currently attending another college and interested in taking a course at AACC that will transfer back to your home school? You might start with ARTSYS, then double check with your college that it fits within your particular program of study.
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According to a recent study, How America Pays for College, the average family spent $21,000 on college in 2011.* Wow, that’s a lot of money.

Introducing the eighty percent off law.

It’s simple economics. Start with something expensive. Make it eighty percent off. Now it's not expensive.

Now apply that to education.

At AACC, tuition and fees for a full year are $3,600. That means you'll get the education you need to get a great job at a cost that averages eighty percent less than the big universities. We have top professors at AACC, many of whom also teach at big universities - and AACC has won so many academic awards, we've run out of places to put them.

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1, you’ll receive personalized attention from faculty who care about your success. Plus, we go beyond theory to offer hands-on opportunities that many students won’t find at other colleges until their senior year or even after they graduate.

Think of the return on investment and significant savings you’ll gain by starting here before moving on to your next college or career opportunity. We also offer financial aid, scholarships and an interest-free tuition payment plan to help make college truly affordable.

It’s time to invoke the eighty percent off law. Get a steak for the price of a hot dog and get a great education.

Enroll at AACC today.

If you have never taken a credit course at AACC, you'll need to apply online to the college, then meet any course prerequisites. Visit the admissions page for details and follow the 4 steps from admission to course registration.

*College Board Trends in College Pricing, 2011.