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The Student Achievement and Success Program

Hours:  8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Thursday & 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday

Location: Andrew G. Truxal Library room 129

If you have questions, please contact us:
Phone: 410-777-2530
Fax: 410-777-7064

Arlene Bayron 
Student Success and Retention Adviser
410-777-2530 | 410-777-1821 AMIL - 
As a Success and Retention Adviser, Ms. Arlene is committed to the success of students through her coordination of both SASP/25 program, Summer Bridge, as well as  providing minimal services at the AACC Arundel Mills campus. Excited about the difference being made in students, Ms. Arlene can often be seen advising students through academics and matriculation towards degree/certification attained and transfer.Ms. Arlene advises students whose last name begin with A-J and who attend the AACC Arundel Mills location.

Samuel Cordero-Puchales 
Adelante Hispanic Summer Bridge Coordinator
410-777-2530 -
As Coordinator for Adelante, Mr. Cordero-Puchales understands the importance of community and cultivating essential tools students will need to reach their academic goals. Mr. Cordero-Puchales coordinates the Adelante program to promote academic success in Hispanic students in the college and the university level.

Harlan Harrell 
Military/Veterans Retention Adviser
410-777-2530 | 410-777-1821 AMIL - 
Mr. Harrell, a veteran himself, is the initial point of contact for new and continuing active military, veterans, reservists, and their family members.  He is committed to assisting with the transition of veterans to civilian and college life. Mr. Harrell is an advocate for veteran success. He also has oversight of the Military/Veteran Resource Center (MVRC)

Cedric R. Harris
First Year Experience (FYE) Coordinator
410-777-2530 -
Bio forthcoming

Jill Z. Harris
SASP Program Assistant
410-777-2530 -
As Program Assistant, Ms. Harris draws on many experiences to serve students participating in the Student Achievement and Success Program and the staff that delivers services. Having strengths in multiple areas, Ms. Harris can often be seen assisting students transition from one phase of their lives to college. In addition to delivering service to students, she contributes to the SASP team in delivering effective programs and services.

Kat A. Schorr
Student Success and Retention Adviser
410-777-2530 -
As a Student Success and Retention Adviser, Ms. Kat has a firm belief that every student has unlimited potential, especially when given strong academic support and personal encouragement. Ms. Kat utilizes her skills in advising and career counseling to support students in achieving their very best in academic and professional pursuits.  Ms. Kat advises a caseload of students, serves as a secondary resource for the veteran student population, and wholeheartedly supports all other SASP initiatives.

Leon C. Thomas, III 
Student Success and Retention Adviser
410-777-2530 - 
As a Student Success and Retention Adviser, Mr. Thomas has found it rewarding to work with a diverse population of students, who motivate him in finding creative ways to promote and deliver critical information students need in their matriculation process. Mr. Thomas coordinates Mentoring, and the Black Male Initiative, in addition to advising students through degree/certificate obtainment and transfer.Mr. Thomas advises students whose last name begin with K-Z.

Janice D. Watley 
Student Achievement and Success Program Director
410-777-2530 - 
As Director of the Student Achievement and Success Program, Ms. Watley adds to the success and retention of students through intentionally promoting and delivering successful programs as she provides leadership and oversight within SASP; presenting services such as Summer Bridge, Adelante, First Year Experience, Morgan Connect, Mentoring, and the Black Male Initiative.  In addition to the previous, Ms. Watley directly services students who have participated in the First Year Experience Program (FYE) in a prior academic year, and those who are participating in the Morgan Connect Program.