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Why tackle college debt if you can score a debt-free education? The FAFSA is your playbook! Complete your FAFSA and you'll make your play for priority scholarships. With state programs like the Maryland Community College Promise as well as the free AACC scholarships and public grants, you could be eligible for more money than you think. Let's see if we can get you the education you deserve without leaving a hole in your pocket.

What Our Students Say


Jasmine Pratt had no savings and no family support. She became proactive in pursuing financial aid, including through the FAFSA. “... I was filling out anything and everything when it came to financial support. ... I knew I didn’t want to stop (college) once I started.”

Pratt was thrilled when she received news of scholarships, including the Maryland Promise Scholarship, a last-dollar scholarship available to students who enroll at a Maryland community college. She started school in fall 2020 and plans to graduate from AACC in 2023 with a major in psychology and a certificate in gender and sexuality studies. Her next step is to transfer to the University of Southern Florida.

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You can apply for financial aid at any time. AACC encourages you to submit your FAFSA when it becomes available in December.