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Supplemental Instruction - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Supplemental Instruction? Please look over the following frequently asked questions:

Q:  What is Supplemental Instruction?
A:  Supplemental Instruction, or SI, is an academic enhancement program made up of group review sessions designed to help students improve test scores and grades in introductory or historically difficult courses such as math, science, and law. SI also offers group study for online-hybrid courses. SI sessions are free, voluntary, informal, and casual!

Q:  What is an historically difficult course?
A:  Historically difficult courses are those that have been statistically shown to have a 30% failure rate of D, F, or W by students each semester.

Q:  Who facilitates the SI sessions?
A:  SI sessions are conducted by trained SI peer leaders who have successfully taken the course in a previous semester and have earned a grade of  "A" or "B". They "sit in" on the current class so they are able to assist you during the SI session. SI leaders are recommended by two professors and must have an overall grade point average of 3.25. 

Q:  Who attends SI sessions?
A:  Students who attend SI sessions are "average" to "above average" students trying to maintain their good grades in difficult courses.

Q:  Where are the SI sessions held?
A:  Most SI sessions are held in Library Room 114, but some of our sessions are held in the Dragun building. Please see our schedule in question below for locations.

Q:  When are the SI sessions held?
A:  SI sessions are held one to three times a week. Group study session begin during the second week of classes. Additional group study review sessions may be held during upcoming tests or exams. For a current schedule, click here.PDF  

Q:  What happens during a typical SI session?
A:  The group will review lecture presentations, engage in thoughtful class discussions regarding course topics, apply concepts, compare notes, learn new study skills such as memory techniques, time management, note-taking, or test-taking strategies. Sometimes SI leaders will review for upcoming exams, or play Jeopardy or other fun games. Students will also learn "what to learn" while learning "how to learn." Discover the secrets of passing the course!

Q:  How do I know if courses I am taking are offering SI?
A:  SI leaders will visit your class on the first day to discuss SI. Refer to the SI website,  AACC course catalog, schedule of classes, or consult with a professor or advisor. Visit the SI Office in Library, Room 109 or contact us at 410-777-2738.

Q:  Can I attend an SI session if there is not an SI leader in my class?
A:  SI is usually offered in courses such as biology, microbiology, chemistry, and accounting. Students may still attend SI sessions if their particular section does not have an SI leader.

Q:  Why should I attend an SI session? Does SI really help me to improve my test scores and grades?
A:  Research demonstrates that when SI programs are offered at colleges, students do increase their test scores and grades. Just ask any student who attends a Supplemental Instruction session and how the group study has benefited them. View Student Comments 

Q:  How can I become an SI leader? Do they get paid?
A:  Earn a grade of  "A" or "B" in the course, maintain a 3.25 GPA, and obtain recommendations from two professors. SI leaders earn $12 per hour and work seven hours per week.  Access the SI Leader Application and Professor Recommendation forms on the SI Website

Q:  Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding the SI program at AACC?
A:  In the Supplemental Instruction Department, please feel free to contact:

  1. Director Jackie Tyler at 410-777-2738 or
  2. Faculty Mentor Tiffani Brown at 410-777-1313 or