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What students are saying about SI...

"The SI Leader was excited and animated and really made things interesting."

"I would recommend SI sessions to others because you can ask questions that you don't have time for in class and you can get study time with classmates who help each other. "

"The SI Leader helped me know how and where to focus my areas of study. The SI experience helped me connect with other students and expand my study circle."

"SI is extra review for my class. Since I started attending, my grades have increased a lot."

"Withdrawing from the course was not an option for me. SI was great for clarification for me when I wasn't sure about a topic. The group contributed positively to my successful completion of the course. I will continue to use the study skills I learned in this course for my future courses."

"My SI Leader is energetic, fun, but also serious about the work. She puts the material in a perspective that I can actually understand, and it has helped me improve my grades."

"My grades were in the 50s and my tests have improved to the 80s."

"I was really struggling in my class, but after a few sessions [of SI], I got the hang of it."