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Noncredit Sign Language

Prepare to become an entry level sign language interpreter using American Sign Language (ASL). Gain the foundation for further education in this expansive field. This series is for persons who may aspire to develop proficiency for part-time and freelance assignments as interpreters. Students can take 4 levels of courses in Conversational Sign Language, learning and practicing receptive and expressive forms of communication, finger spelling, numbers and conversational skills to converse with the hearing impaired. Completion of these courses will prepare students to complete the ASL screening process for further education.

Certificate code: CE. BEGIN.SIGN-LANG

What is the job outlook?
The average annual salary of sign language interpreters is approximately $29,000 with annual growth through 2018 of 22 percent. Opportunities will be best for applicants seeking part-time and freelance assignments.

What is the training?
AACC's Beginning Sign Language training consists of three noncredit courses designed to prepare students to communicate with hearing impaired individuals as interpreters. Students learn to use receptive and expressive forms of communication, finger spelling, numbers and conversational skills. 
Total hours: 78

What courses will I take?
SLG 343 - Conversational Sign Language 1
SLG 344 - Conversational Sign Language 2
SLG 345 - Conversational Sign Language 3
SLG 350 - Conversational Sign Language 4

What credentials can I earn?
Upon successful completion students will earn an AACC continuing education certificate and will be prepared to complete the ASL screening for entry into higher level credit classes. To receive the certificate students complete and submit the form to our office. The form and instructions can be found at

What will it cost?
$580.00 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees

What are the requirements?
Student must be at least 16 years old.

How do I enroll?
Register online, in person, by faxmail or touch-tone phone. Use certificate code CE. Visit for details.

For more information contact 410-777-2325 or email Carol Cassidy at