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The Office of Student Engagement encourages students to engage in learning by providing opportunities that allow for growth and development within and beyond the classroom setting. Through partnerships with a number of academic and student services departments on campus, we promote engaged learning and assist students with connecting to College resources and programs including student activities, student organization development, leadership development, new student programs, service learning, diversity and multicultural education. We also partner with faculty members to develop strategies and projects that promote student engagement.

Students are engaged when they are actively learning both inside and outside of the classroom. An engaged student participates in class discussions, initiates conversations with professors, utilizes student success services such as tutoring, attends New Student Orientation and participates in service learning, campus events and student clubs and organizations.

Within the Office of Student Engagement are two areas that promote student engagement. The New Student Engagement department coordinates New Student Orientation, Parent Orientation and programs for the first year students. The Student Life department plans and promotes activities and events for the college community, and offers students the opportunity to get involved in over 70 student clubs and organizations and develop leadership skills through the Leadership Challenge program.


The Connect U program is designed to connect returning AACC students with new AACC students. The goal of the program is to give new students the opportunity to contact a returning student when they have questions about the college, such as where to go for a tutor, how to get involved on campus, or how to manage their time, etc. Studies show that students who are connected to the college in some way are retained at a higher rate than those who are not.

New students who sign up to participate in CONNECT U will be assigned a returning student to contact. Students will be assigned with consideration of age, major and career goals. Returning students will be assigned more than one new student to connect with.

For more information or to sign up for CONNECT U, if you are a new student click here , or if you are a returning student click here .