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Take advantage of the many opportunities for students to get involved in college life. AACC offers over 60 different clubs representing a wide range of academics, publications, performing groups, recreation and special interests.

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Contact the club's advisor, or call the Student Life Office at 410-777-2218.

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Wilfredo Valladares-Lara, 410-777-2771 
Promotes the awareness and appreciation of sculpture as a vital part of AACC and the greater community.

Scott Cooper,  410-777-1232 
The Spanish club promotes the use of Spanish as a conversational language among AACC students, staff and faculty; provides a forum for the discussion of current events in the Spanish speaking world; and promotes activities on campus that highlight Spanish and Hispanic cultures and civilizations. 

Student Education Association - SEA
Barbara Garrett,, 410-777-1866
Provide students with opportunities for personal growth and development within the field of education; provide leadership training; promote values, ethics and history of the education profession and encourage the maintenance of high standards for teachers.

Student Nursing Association
Marion Schilder,, 410-777-7233
Enhances communication among students, assists volunteer organizations with health care and provides professional development opportunities for nursing students.


  • Concert Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Dance Company
  • Jazz Band
  • Opera
  • Orchestra
  • Theatre at AACC


Adventure Society
Jessica Mattingly,, 410-777-1256
Students electively participate in outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, caving, white water rafting, skiing, etc.

Arundel Gaming Association
An interactive organization, students participate in role-playing, cards and board games.

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