Future Students

Student Success 2020

Inspired by the goals set forth by President Obama in 2009 to help an additional 5 million Americans earn degrees and certifications in the next decade, AACC responded with Student Success 2020. The following events and stories are just some of the many highlights of this important college initiative.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities, Mathematics The Mathematics Department has undertaken projects to provide students with opportunities to avoid or accelerate through required developmental coursework. In mathematics, students can: (i) complete more than one developmental course in a single semester through the math emporium “Math FIRST” program; (ii) co-enroll in accelerated intermediate algebra and college algebra or elementary statistics in a single semester; and (iii) complete a math placement test preparation program to retest on the Accuplacer placement exam prior to enrolling in a first mathematics course.  

Accelerated Learning Opportunities, Reading and English Using an accelerated learning model the English Department and the Reading Department have developed accelerated learning programs (ALP) for their developmental students. Beginning in fall 2014, developmental reading students will have the opportunity to complete two levels of developmental reading in a single semester. Begun in fall 2012, the English Department piloted a paired developmental English and credit English “ALP.”  The program is being brought scale beginning in fall 2014 when all students who place at the highest level of developmental English will co-enroll in the ALP model (ENG 002 + ENG 111).  

Facilitated Incremental Goal Completions: In fall 2013 and spring 2014, Perkins Grant-funded advisors evaluated 396 fall and 376 spring Business Management degree seekers’ academic records, matched course work with the perfectly-aligned Business Communications Certificate, and partnered with Records to encourage completers, who had not yet applied for graduation, to submit graduation applications. Advisors identified 63 potential fall and 103 potential spring certificate graduates. In addition, 260 fall students and 123 spring students were found to be within a few courses of certificate completion, and they were notified by the Business faculty and by mail of the opportunity to complete the certificate by registering for the remaining course(s) in the upcoming term(s).

Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP): The Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) has served as a support and retention program designed to increase the academic success, retention, graduation, and transfer of students who traditionally may have more barriers and challenges to overcome in order to realize their goals. These students are first generation college students, low income, under prepared and/or minority. Services provided include faculty-led tutoring, life skills/study strategy workshops, intrusive academic monitoring, academic advising, incentive scholarships, cultural activities, college visits, and informal interactions with faculty/staff. During FY14, the program served more than 1000 students. An examination of the fall (2013) to spring (2014) retention rate shows that SASP students were retained at a rate of 83%. This is a significantly strong retention rate for students for which national data have shown tends to be more at risk and harder to retain.