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What is Student Success 2020?

Inspired by the goals set forth by President Obama in the American Graduation Initiative

  • “By 2020, this nation will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.” . . .
  • ". . . We seek to help an additional 5 million Americans earn degrees and certificates in the next decade” from community colleges—

And fueled by the existing and future needs of our country for skilled workers in today’s knowledge-based society and economy, which adds further urgency to our goals. Anne Arundel Community College responded with Student Success 2020.

Student Success 2020 at AACC
On December 1, 2009 in an event that included students, faculty, staff and friends from the community, AACC announced plans to help more of its students be more successful in reaching their educational goals – including doubling the number of degrees, certificates and workforce credentials earned by AACC students by the year 2020. Included in the announcement was a commitment to:

  • Help all students identify meaningful educational goals;
  • Build systems and programs to track, monitor and support students; progress in achieving their goals;
  • Involve faculty and staff in examining current practices to identify potential vulnerabilities to students’ completing their goals; and
  • Make changes necessary to increase students’ success.

Hear from our students who responded to the president's challenge in AACC's student success video and access additional information in the media kit issued that day.

Since December 2009, AACC has been actively engaged in meeting the goals of Student Success 2020. Faculty and staff are doing everything possible to help students meet their educational objectives including the completion of associate degrees, certificates, letters of recognition and continuing education certificates. Student Success 2020 is now the college's strategic plan and reflects our strategic issues for FY15-FY17.