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Sustainability at AACC

Anne Arundel Community College has been dedicated to energy conservation and improving the environment for years, and we are now committing to broadening and strengthening our commitment to sustainability as defined by the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

To lead the college in its efforts, AACC’s leadership has selected members from across the college to serve on a Sustainability Learning Design Team which meets regularly to make recommendations for improvements.

Learn more about AACC’s sustainability accomplishments in education and public engagement as well as its operations.

AACC is pleased to announce Project Sunburst
Construction is underway on AACC's Arnold campus of the largest 
carport solar panel installation in Maryland, with more than 3,300 panels. The 700 kilowatt system and is expected to supply about five percent of the college’s energy use. The carport and panels are installed high enough off the ground so that cars can easily park underneath them – a requirement for AACC as parking spaces are at a premium with the ever-increasing enrollment, and while the panels will shade cars from the sun in summer and the snow in winter (the panels actually generate a little heat and so will melt the snow), they do have filters, so the rain will come through.

For more information about AACC’s sustainability efforts contact our Office of Public Relations and Marketing or 410-777-7259.