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Early Childhood Development Challenge Exams

Any person who has successfully completed any 45-hour Pre-Service Training offered by a Maryland MSDE/OCC Approved Private Vendor may be eligible to take a challenge exam to receive articulated credits for:

  • EDU 133 Growth and Development, 3 credit hours
  • EDU 247 Early Childhood: Methods and Materials, 3 credit hours
  • EDU 231 Infant/Toddler Child Care, 3 credit hours
  • EDU 232 School-Age Child Care, 3 credit hours

Criteria for Credit Award

  • Documentation from a Maryland MSDE/OCC Approved Private Vendor verifying successful completion of the corresponding 45-hour Pre-Service Training.
  • Admission to the college, meeting all standards of placement, within an Education Academic Program of Study.
  • Complete required paperwork and pay a $75 fee per exam.
  • Score 80% or higher on the corresponding Challenge Exam.
  • Successfully complete the corresponding 15-hour AACC fieldwork course; tuition for each fieldwork course is $75.

AACC will award 3 credits per exam taken and passed after the student has successfully completed a corresponding 3-credit college course within the Education requirements for an A.A.S or A.A.T. degree. AACC will indicate on the student’s transcript that these credits were earned by passing a Challenge Exam.

Getting Started

1.  Complete the Challenge Exam FormPDF and send it along with documentation of successful completion of the course(s) from an MSDE/OCC approved vendor to:

TEACH Institute, AMIL 309
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012

Fax: 410-777-1967

2.  If you are approved to take the exam(s), you will receive a letter with a study guide and receipt for each exam, as well as information pertaining to fieldwork registration. 

3. When you are ready to take the exam, bring the receipt to the AACC Cashiers Office to pay the $75 fee per exam. Then, bring your receipt to the Testing Office to take the appropriate exam(s).

 AACC Credit/Noncredit Equivalent Courses 

AACC Credit

Course Title

AACC Noncredit

Course Title

EDU 133

Growth and Development

 ECT 305

Child Care: Child Growth
& Development

EDU 247

Early Childhood: Methods and Materials

ECT 306

Child Care: Activities
for Young Children

EDU 231

Infant/Toddler Child Care

DAC 328

Group Care of Infants
and Toddlers

EDU 232

School-Age Child Care

DAC 370

Child Care: The School-Age

Questions? Contact the TEACH Institute at 410-777-2401.