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TEACH Certification and Degree Program Codes

The following degrees and certificates are offered through the TEACH Institute and are listed in the 2010 -2011 catalog. If you are following a different catalog year, your degree/certificate codes might be different.  To change your program/degree code, follow the directions on pages 22-24 of the MyAACC tutorial.PDF

Early Childhood Development: Child Care 1  ---  CRT.EDU.CHILD-CARE1
Early Childhood Development: Child Care 2 --- CRT.EDU.CHILD-CARE2
Teaching Paraprofessional --- CRT.EDU.PARA-TEACH
Special Education Support
Emotional Disturbance Option --- CRT.EDU.SES.EMOTION
Autism Spectrum Disorders Option ---  CRT.EDU.SES.AUTISM
Speech and Language Option ---  CRT.EDU.SES.SP-LG
Preschool/Early Childhood Option --- CRT.EDU.SES.PRES-EC
Mental Retardation Option --- CRT.EDU.SES.MENTAL
Learning Disabled Option --- CRT.EDU.SES.LD
Behavior Support Services --- CRT.EDU.SES.BEH-SUP

Early Childhood Development --- AAS.EDU.ECD
Early Childhood Education --- AAT.EDU.EARLYCHILD
Elementary/Generic Special Education PreK-12 --- AAT.EDU.ELEM-ESE
Secondary-Chemistry --- AAT.EDU.SEC-CHEM
Secondary-English --- AAT.EDU.SEC-ENG
Secondary-Mathematics --- AAT.EDU.SEC-MATH
Secondary-Physics --- AAT.EDU.SEC-PHYS
Secondary-Spanish --- AAT.EDU.SEC-SPA