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Praxis Exam Information

In order to earn an AAT degree (Associate of Arts in Teaching), students must have qualifying scores on a basic skills test approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). 

Since September 1, 2014, the PRAXIS testing option required by MSDE is the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills tests. These tests are similar to the Praxis I and cover the same three content areas: reading, writing, and math.  

Passing Scores
  • After September 1, 2014, AAT majors should take the PRAXIS Core exams if they choose a PRAXIS option to meet the basic skills testing requirement.
  • Taking (or retaking) the ACT or SAT is another option to consider; although they are given less frequently, the cost for these tests is lower than the PRAXIS.  For information about qualifying test scores on those exams, visit the MSDE website.

NOTE:  The PRAXIS tests offer time extension accommodations for students whose primary language is not English; the ACT and SAT testing services do not.

There is no composite score for the PRAXIS Core exams.  Students must achieve the following passing scores in order to meet the basic skills testing requirement for certification and completion of the AAT:

Important Update: Students who passed any section of the PRAXIS I can complete the Basic Skills requirement by achieving passing scores on any remaining sections of the PRAXIS Core.  For example, a student who has passed PRAXIS I Reading and PRAXIS I Writing, only needs to pass the PRAXIS Core Math exam in order to meet the Basic Skills requirement for graduation and certification.  When combining PRAXIS I and PRAXIS Core scores to meet the requirement, students cannot use the composite score.

MSDE (and AACC) will also accept the following scores as successful completion of the Basic Skills requirement:

  • Praxis I: Composite score of 527 (prior to 9/1/2014)
  • SAT: 1100 on math & verbal (after April 1995) and 1000 on math & verbal (prior to April 1995)
  • ACT: Composite score of 24
  • GRE: 297 (after 9/1/2011) or 1000 (prior to 9/1/2011)
Preparing for Praxis

PRAXIS Preparation Workshops are an excellent option for those looking to boost their scores for a particular testing area.  Students who prefer preparation over independent study should register for these noncredit classes. 

 Register now for upcoming Praxis Core Prep classes!

  • ETP 319 - Praxis Core Prep: Writing Skills 
  • ETP 320 - Praxis Core Prep: Math Skills

Online Praxis Core Prep for Reading, Writing & Math

  • ETP 315 - Praxis Core Preparation 

For registration information for these noncredit classes, please visit

FREE PRAXIS Core Practice Exams: The Testing & Educational Reference Center now offers a free online practice exam for the PRAXIS Core Reading, Math & Writing tests.  You can find instructions for accessing the practice exam here.

PRAXIS Prep Tests ETS is offering online access to an official practice test.  You can purchase a value pack (90 day subscription or 10 different accesses).  For more information, visit the ETS site.

PRAXIS Cyber Cafe is sponsored regularly by the Student Education Association (SEA). There will also be a Praxis update included in the Transfer Information Session at the annual Teacher Education Fair.

KHAN ACADEMY Connections:  Take advantage of instructional videos to review math concepts on the Praxis exam.  You can use this guide to help you determine areas of focus.

FREE Webinars from ETS for Praxis Core and Praxis II.

PRAXIS Prep Reference Books are available at the Truxal Library, local libraries and bookstores.  Additional study tips are available at

Registering for Praxis

Schedule and register for the test
To access test center information and the testing calendar, visit

You can also visit this guide for support with the registration process. 

There is a fee for the PRAXIS 
For details, visit  Please note that there are fee waivers available for qualifying students.

Be sure to send scores to AACC
For the registration codes for AACC and your intended transfer institution, visit

Testing accommodations are available
Visit for details