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Your campus experience will include some time spent taking care of practical matters, such as registering for classes, requesting transcripts and paying tuition. Find out which transactions and the services that support them can be handled online and at a distance.  

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Q. What personal information can you view online—your contact information, grades, degree progress, financial status, or other information?  
A. Current students can access their contact information, program progress, grades, financial status, class schedule, transcripts, and payment information, and register for classes via the student portal, MyAACC.

Q. Can you update any of this information online yourself?  
A. Students can change their password, password hint, e-mail preferences, and program of study online. Contact information changes must be sent to the Records Office.  


Q. Can you check admissions status?  
A. Yes, via MyAACC. 

Q. Can you pay bills?  
A. Current students can via MyAACC. 

Q. Can you apply for and view financial aid awards?  
A. Students can apply for institutional scholarships and view award letters, details and payment dates. 

Q. Can students register for, add, and drop courses?  
A. Current students can via MyAACC. 

Q. Can students obtain course grades online?  
A. Current students can via MyAACC. 

Q. Can students view and print unofficial transcripts?  
A. Current students can via MyAACC.

Q. Can students check progress toward completion of degree requirements?  
A. Current students can via MyAACC. 

Q. Can students make campus bookstore purchases?
A. Current students can via MyAACC and all students can via the AACC Bookstore Web site.

Q. What campus and community services are covered by debit-card, smart-card, or one-card systems?
A. Current students can pay for services for which there is a charge via credit card on MyAACC. 

Q. Are the school catalog—including course descriptions, degree requirements, and academic policies—and the semester/term schedule of classes available on the Web?  
A. The college catalog, which includes course descriptions, degree requirements and academic policies, is available on in an interactive format. The schedule of classes is available via a course search on and MyAACC.  


Q. What security and privacy policies are in place to protect student information?
A. College policy and federal law stipulate that no one shall have access to, nor shall the institution disclose, any personally identifiable information from students’ electronic or other educational records except in certain situations defined by the law, college policy or with the written consent of the student. The college shall not electronically distribute private information about students, faculty or staff without the express permission of the individual.

Q. How does the campus protect students from identity theft?
A. Personal information is never given to unauthorized parties.

Q. How does the campus notify students of their rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
A. Information can be found in the college catalog.

Q. Is network bandwidth limited for peer-to-peer software, gaming, Web cams, or other programs requiring high levels of network resources? Are Web pages filtered?
A. Students are expected to use all computing resources responsibly. AACC does not limit bandwidth or filter the Web.

Q. Is there a campus code of behavior about using computer resources?
A. AACC does have an Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy and all users are expected to abide by it. For more information, see the college catalog.

Q. Does the campus have policies addressing peer-to-peer file sharing, virus software, and copyright?
A. Yes and they are detailed in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

Q. How does the campus manage e-mail spam?
A. The college uses an anti-spam device to filter e-mail.