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Technology Services for Students

Technical Call Center

The Technical Call Center (TCC) provides answers to your technical questions. We are located in Careers 108 and can be reached at 410-777-HELP (4357) or

View the Technical Call Center's hours

Stay Connected!

AACC's mobile app helps you find your way around campus! AACC’s app offers all kinds of useful features while you’re on-the-go, including: class schedules, campus maps, news and events, grades, important numbers, and more!

Receive updates about AACC via e2campus, a service that sends instant messages to cell phones, wireless PDAs, pagers, and e-mail addresses. Be among the first to know about school closings, event cancellations, traffic advisories, and more.

AACC prides itself on providing current and progressive technology to support and enhance the student learning experience. We work hard to provide proven state-of-the-art hardware and software, classroom technology, wireless access, and efficient management systems to support the student experience at the College.

MyAACC, Student Portal

MyAACC is where students will check email, plan schedules, register and pay for classes, attend online classes and find out what's happening on campus. Students can:

  • Register and pay for classes (NEW STUDENTS SEE NOTE)
  • Use the course-planning wizard to identify academic requirements for programs of study
  • Add and drop classes, get added to the class waiting list
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Attend classes online
  • Access the club meetings calendar
  • Buy textbooks
  • Get grades and request transcripts
  • Update your address, email, phone number, race, ethnicity or military status
  • Check your email and send messages to your instructors
  • Download Microsoft Office applications for free (via your student email)
  • Create or join groups
  • Check campus announcements
  • Access OASIS, the Online Advising Scheduling and Information System, to schedule, modify or cancel an appointment with an academic adviser
  • Access SmarThinking, the 24/7 online tutoring system
  • Change your program or curriculum 
  • Complete your student opinion form (for credit classes) 

*NOTE New degree or certificate-seeking students taking credit courses must register in person; all subsequent registration activity can then be completed using MyAACC. Information about scheduling a New Student Advising Session in preparation for the upcoming term is available on the New Student Advising page.

Computers for Student Use

Computer Labs

Computer labs are in use more than 12 hours each weekday, all day Saturday and frequently on Sundays, supporting a combination of instruction and “open” lab time. Depending on the location of a particular computer lab, you can work with the software that you are learning in your class. There is no shortage of computers.

The college has:

  • 123 computer labs
  • Approximately 3,000 instructional computers for student use

The college strives to provide current hardware and software in all labs; instructional computers are replaced every four years. 

Technology Learning Centers and Computer Commons

AACC operates three Technology Learning Centers and a Computer Commons. These labs provide internet access, course related software, assistitive technology and document printing using both PC and Apple computers.  Dedicated Technical Assistants are available and ready to help you gain the most from your lab experience. 

Technology Learning Center locations:

  • Andrew Truxal Library, room 101
  • Glen Burnie Town Center, room 314
  • Arundel Mills, room 206

Computer Commons location:

  • Careers, room 264

Wireless Network

Wireless coverage is available throughout the campus including Arnold and the off-campus sites at Arundel Mills, Glen Burnie Town Center, the Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute in Glen Burnie and the Center for Cyber and Professional Training. Coverage is provided in classrooms, conference rooms, informal learning spaces as well as the athletic fields and the outdoor quads of the east and west sides of the Arnold campus.

Once you accept the terms of using the wireless network, you will have access to the Internet. Please note that if you move between locations, you may need to accept the terms again.

The wireless network was designed to be used exclusively for conducting college-related business and/or to support teaching and learning. All customers are responsible for using the network in an ethical and lawful manner. Customers are subject to the rules and restrictions laid out in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy; AACC reserves the right to audit this network to detect and address policy violations. This policy applies to any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that accesses our wireless network.

AACC does not guarantee that the wireless network is compatible with all wireless devices, and AACC is not responsible for damage to any device using our wireless network.

How to Access MyAACC and Computers in Computer Labs

To log into MyAACC and college computers in computer labs you will need to activate your college account. Please view “Get a user name and password” for detailed instructions and links to appropriate forms.

Upon activation, you will have ONE user name and password to access both MyAACC and college computers.