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All of our classrooms have a full range of technological products that support instruction. They are all smart, modified-smart or have video conferencing capabilities.

What are Modified Smart Rooms?
What are Smart Rooms?
Video Conferencing

What are Modified Smart Rooms?

The majority of our classrooms are modified smart rooms.  Effective January 1, 2014, Modified Smart Rooms have a new digital design with HDMI capability. Rooms installed/upgraded since 2014 are equipped as follows: 

  • Control Unit (NEW) - Equipment is controlled by a central pushbutton panel. Note, many rooms have the individual remote control; these will be replaced as rooms are upgraded.
  • Pull-down wide format screen (NEW) - Used as a display unit for projection devices.
  • Document Camera (NEW) -  This technology projects 3D objects, books, photographs, transparencies, hard copies, etc. Document cameras replace overhead projectors.
  • Ceiling mounted multimedia projection unit - Projects large screen images from a computer or VHS/DVD.
  • Amplifier and speakers - Projects audio from DVD, computer, microphone, etc.
  • Computer - Used for software presentations or demonstrations, to play DVDs and CDS, and provide access to Internet.
  • Lectern - Permanently houses various audiovisual and computer equipment.
  • Computer monitor - Used by faculty to view projected images without having to turn around and look at the projection screen. The monitor sites on the lectern.

Some of our smaller rooms do not have space for a lectern. In these cases, equipment is stored in a wall mounted rack and there is no monitor.  

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What are Smart Rooms?

Full Smart rooms include all the equipment contained in a modified smart room, with the following exception:

  • Control Unit - A touch panel wired remote control system is used to control all of the technology installed in the room.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing services are offered at AMIL 217, CRSC 256, FLRS 311 and GBTC 411. The rooms have fully equipped, high-definition video conferencing facilities consisting of:

  • Multiple LCD screens,
  • Video conferencing control units, 
  • High-definition projectors,
  • Microphones,
  • Sympodium and
  • DVD or Blu Ray player.

The video conferencing services are offered through collaboration with the Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN) allowing the college both in-network and out-of-network video conferencing capabilities. We constructed these rooms in collaboration with all Maryland community colleges to ensure standardization and allow us to provide video to most community colleges. The video conferencing infrastructure in place allows for recording and playback of video conferences.

Newly installed infrastructure now affords the college the ability to have a video conference in any room with a data drop and the appropriate mobile video conferencing equipment.

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