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Whether you will be a full- or part-time student, the school’s social, extracurricular, and career services activities will be an important part of your educational experience. Find out about the technology tools that facilitate different communities on campus, allowing for communication, personal development, and getting together (in person and virtually).

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Q. What public access for computing is available to students?  
A. The college has three Technology Learning Centers, a Computer Commons and over 100 computer labs.

Wireless access is available in numerous locations including Arnold, Glen Burnie Town Center, Arundel Mills and Center for Cyber and Professional Training. 

Our students can borrow a laptop in the library where they can access the Internet via a wireless connection.

The college also offers the ability for students to work from home or any public area through remote access. The remote access connection is available to students enrolled in selected courses and provides access to course-specific software.

Q. Does the campus provide institutional e-mail accounts for all students and use e-mail as an official medium of communication?
A. Yes, all students are given an e-mail account that they may use and access through MyAACC. While use of the e-mail is encouraged and advised, it is not the primary means of communication.

Q. Does the campus provide and support electronic space for personal student Web pages?
A. At this time, no. However, current students can join groups and post messages to each other, as well as engage in online chat with fellow classmates, on MyAACC.


Q. Is contact information for students, faculty, and staff readily accessible electronically?
A. Contact information for faculty and staff members is accessible through the College Directory on Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are also available for departments and offices at the college.

Q. What social activities and services are available online?
A. A calendar of college, cultural, open house, and athletic events are posted on and MyAACC. AACC offers several services online, including registration, applying for admission and advising.

Q. Are there Web sites for student organizations and clubs?
A. A listing and a description of the student organizations and clubs are available on Some clubs do have their own Web pages. Each organization or club can also create a group on MyAACC to communicate with members via e-mail, chat and postings.

Q. Does the campus make available online discussion forums or bulletin boards for un-moderated use?
A. Yes, students can request that groups be created or can join groups in which they can post items for discussion. New group requests must be approved by the Content Manager.

Q. What technology-supported career-planning services are available for students?  
A. Students have access to an online Job Search Database, as well as online advising.