Future Students

Online Student Services

Support of learning is the primary purpose of student support services and the application of technology serves to enhance the learning experience. The college is recognized as a leader in developing innovations that provide greater access and convenience to the full spectrum of student services.


What You Can Do Online

Prospective Students, Apply for Admission 

You can apply for admission to AACC online. The Web application server stores the information you enter under the private username and a password that you establish. Nothing you enter on the application form is sent to AACC until you transmit it. You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. Your data is transmitted securely over the Internet. You can easily check your activity log, which is one of the application functions, to see your application activity and to find out when the college has acknowledged receipt of your application. Once admitted, you will receive a college e-mail address by which the college can communicate with you.

Current Students via MyAACC Student Portal

Students use the MyAACC portal to search and register for classes, access courses and course materials, check college email, view grades and more, including:

  • Get added to the class waiting list
  • Use the course-planning wizard to identify academic requirements for programs of study
  • Add and drop classes
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Attend classes online
  • Access the club meetings calendar
  • Buy textbooks and discounted software
  • Request transcripts
  • Plan your schedule
  • Find out what's happening on campus
  • Join campus groups
  • Attend class online
  • Update your address, email, phone number, race, ethnicity or military status
  • Check campus announcements
  • Create or join groups
  • Access OASIS, the Online Advising Scheduling and Information System, to schedule, modify or cancel an appointment with an academic adviser
  • Access SmarThinking, the 24/7 online tutoring system
  • Change your program or curriculum
  • Pay your bill
  • Submit your opinion of your courses and instructors (via the online student opinion form)

Purchase Your Textbooks Online

Textbooks can be purchased online, paid for and sent directly to your home through the college’s Web site. Current students have the option of purchasing their textbooks for their classes online via MyAACC as soon as the bookstore makes the textbooks available.