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AACC Wireless Network

AACC Wireless Login

The email address that is required for login is used for connection management purposes only, and is not retained by our system once you log off. We will not collect personal information while you use the wireless network.

Acceptable Use
Customers are subject to the rules and restrictions laid out in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.
Look for this sign around campus to identify areas where you can connect to the Internet wirelessly

Wireless coverage is available throughout the campus including Arnold and the off-campus sites at Arundel Mills, Glen Burnie Town Center, the Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute in Glen Burnie and the Center for Cyber and Professional Training. Coverage is provided in classrooms, conference rooms, informal learning spaces as well as the athletic fields and the outdoor quads of the east and west sides of the Arnold campus.

Once you accept the terms of using the wireless network, you will have access to the Internet. Please note that if you move between locations, you may need to accept the terms again.