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Placement Testing for New Students

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Testing Hours

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Testing Locations

SUN 240
Phone: 410-777-2375
Fax: 410-777-4007

Room 208
Phone: 410-777-2906
Fax: 410-777-4008

Room 112
Phone: 410-777-1915
Fax: 410-777-4009


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We welcome all applicants to AACC, but not everyone is ready for the same level of math and English classes. To achieve the best placement in a course that provides the right challenge, we need to assess abilities in English, reading and math through the ACCUPLACER test.

ACCUPLACER testing is REQUIRED for most new students who are registering for credit courses at AACC.

We encourage all students to watch the following video.  This video will give an overview of the process to complete your placement exam.

  Placement Experience Video 

If you have taken the SAT or ACT exams please view our SAT and ACT page to see if you are exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER test.  If you would like to submit your scores, please contact the Admissions Office

In addition, if you are a transfer student and have successfully completed college level English and math courses you may also be exempt.  Please take a copy of your transcript(s) to Advising.  

English as a Second Language ACCUPLACER

Students who do not speak English or their second language is English may be given the ACCUPLACER LOEP exam. Based on the student's background, ACCUPLACER will automatically determine if the LOEP exam is required. After completing the LOEP exam a student may be required to write an essay to complete the LOEP placement. For an overview of the placement process for non-native speaking students please view our ESL Brochure.  

We encourage all ESL students review our ACCUPLACER Prep Guide and the required ESL ACCUPLACER Prep Video(English) or ESL ACCUPLACER Prep Video(Español).  Our prep guide includes sample questions for the ESL ACCUPLACER Test.

For more information about Anne Arundel Community Colleges ESL program, please visit www.aacc.edu/esl or call 410-777-2901.

ACCUPLACER Test Preparation

Students should prepare for the ACCUPLACER exam as they would any other exam so that they are accurately placed in a class that is appropriate for their academic skills.  

For tutorial and other placement prep resources please visit our ACCUPLACER Preparation page.

Requirements Prior to taking the ACCUPLACER Test

Students that are taking the ACCUPLACER placement test for AACC are required to watch a four-minute AACC ACCUPLACER Preparation Video.  Upon completion, print the ACCUPLACER Preparation Video certificate and present it to an AACC testing staff member in order to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam.

To view the ACCUPLACER Preparation Video click here.


Retesting is not always an option.  Students should review placement information and retesting policies prior to completing the ACCUPLACER exam. Our staff would be more than happy to answer any questions students may have.  For additional retest information review the Placement Retesting Chart.

If you have specific questions feel free to email our staff at testing-arnold@aacc.edu.


Allied Health/Biology Arithmetic Placement

Please visit our Certification and Other Assessments page for more information about this exam.