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Testing Rules

Exam Rules 

We assume all tests that are administered are closed book, no notes, and no additional materials.  Unless the instructor states otherwise, there will be no exceptions to these rules.  

As a student you agree to follow all standards set forth by this College.  Any incident found in violation of these rules will be addressed immediately.  

We require that before entering any of our testing rooms, you turn off any electronic device including phones(OFF, NOT VIBRATE), audio devices,  pagers, and smartphone.  If any of these devices are found to be “on”, you forfeit your test.

No use of cameras, video or imaging of any kind can occur inside The Testing Center.  

Texting, talking or any other form of communicating with anyone other than Testing Staff during an exam will be considered a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. 

Smartphones and tablets cannot be used as calculators.  If you require the use of a calculator you may bring your own or use one of the Testing Center's calculators. If a professor does not allow the use of calculators then you will not be able to use any calculator.

Please review AACC’s full Academic Integrity Statement


The testing center allows students to use TI-84+ and below if your instructor allows the use of a calculator during your exam.  If you require a more advanced calculator you will need to obtain permission in writing from your instructor.


Please have a picture ID ready when you come to take an exam.  The Testing Staff will not administer an exam without ID.  Although not required, it is helpful if you have your Student ID card.  Some certification exams required multiple ID's, if you are taking a certification exam, please verify with the specific vendor what is required. 

Child Care 

Children are not allowed to be left unattended outside of the Testing Office.  Testing Staff will not be able to watch your children during your exam session.  If your child if found unattended you will be asked to stop testing and the exam will be submitted to your professor.  If you require child care while you attend classes and/or take exams at AACC, please contact the Child Development Center at 410-777-2450 for services and rates.

Hours of Operation

Each testing location has their own hours of operations.  Please review our Testing HoursPDF to find what times and days you are able take your exam.  All testing centers open and close exactly at their stated times.  There are no exceptions to this rule, if you are still taking an exam at closing time, your testing session will be stopped and the exam will be submitted to your professor.  If you are taking a placement exam, your exam will be stopped and you can return within two weeks to finish.  Students with an extended time accommodation will also need to be finished their exam by the posted closing time.