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Classes designed to help individuals prepare for college SAT/ACT exams, the Anne Arundel Community College's placement test in math or post college graduate school admissions exams: GMAT, GRE and LSAT. Refresh your knowledge of secondary level math topics in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and problem solving.  SAT/ACT Prep classes prepare students to take the national College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test.

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Upcoming  Test Prep Courses!

SKL 351 - SAT/ACT Preparation: Verbal  ONLINE
Prepare for the critical reading and writing sections of the SAT and the reading and science sections of the ACT. Refresh your knowledge of verbal topics and learn test-taking techniques.

SKL 352 - SAT/ACT Preparation: Quantitative ONLINE
Refresh your knowledge of math topics and learn test-taking techniques. Review arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics as well as strategies.

SKL 328 - Math Placement Test Preparation
Program designed  primarily for students seeking to retake the community college math placement test. Emphasis is on fast-paced intensive review of algebra. Topics include algebraic fractions, linear and quadratic equations, radicals, roots and more.

SKL 334 - Comprehensive SAT Preparation
This intensive, comprehensive review and practice of math and verbal skills prepares you to take the revised College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Practice skills, work on progressive vocabulary and essay building with review of test-taking strategies.

SKL 343 - Introduction to Algebra ONLINE
Improve algebra problem solving skills and learn how algebra applies to many aspects of daily life. Through study that integrates algebra with other disciplines, prepare for the college SAT exam and for the mathematics entrance exam at AACC.

SKL 355 - Get Prepared - Algebra 1 Review
Tackle algebra head on! Focus and work on difficult concepts ito prepare for final exams. Address topics specific to students needs.
      Note: Designed for students enrolled in Algebra 1.

SKL 354 - Introduction to Statistics ONLINE
Learn ways to visualize and measure relationships in data as well as make forecasts and predictions. Use a variety of real data to grasp the basics of statistical inference and what it means to be statistically significant.

    Graduate Level - Preparation

OBS 508 - GMAT Preparation ONLINE
Prepare to take the GAMT (Graduate Management Admission Test) with this comprehensive review. Learn test-taking and time-saving techniques, along with critical-thinking skills. Practice using real tests. CEU's awarded.

DLC 320 - GRE Preparation --Verbal and Analytical ONLINE 
Examine Graduated Record Examination questions dealing with reading comprehension, analogies, sentence completion, antonyms, and logical and analytical reasoning.

DLC 321 - GRE Preparation --Quantitative ONLINE
Review math and learn techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, discrete quantitative and data interpretation questions in the math section of the GRE.

DLC 332 - LSAT Preparation - Part 1ONLINE
Discuss law school entrance procedures, survival techniques, test-taking, analytical reasoning and drafting diagrams in this first course of a two-part series.

DLC 333 - LSAT Preparation --Part 2ONLINE
Discuss reading comprehension, logical reasoning, techniques for quick elimination of incorrect answers, explanations of correct answers and proven approaches for selecting the correct answer.

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