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Continuing Education Theater Classes

Discover or develop your theatrical talent by taking AACC's Lifelong Learning theater courses. Subjects include basic acting, line delivery, stage presence, and improvisation. Learn to prepare for an audition, and the world of comedy, writing one-liners, physical humor and creating good will.

Upcoming Noncredit Theater Classes

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THA-331 - Get Funny ONLINE
Learn from an experienced comedy writer and actor about myriad sources of humor. Write one-liners, use physical humor and find ways to target your audience, incorporate humor into your life by mixing laughter with learning, putting people at ease and creating good will.

THT 303 - Introduction to Screenwriting NEW Online
Learn all the elements for writing a script including how to write a solid first draft with emphasis on structure, character development and dialogue. Discuss marketing and selling a screenplay.

THA 329 - Improvisation Techniques
Acquire skills and techniques used by professional actors to perfect the fine art of improvisation. Learn ways to prepare for roles and master characterizations. Emphasizes participation in situational improvisation using comedy, mystery, suspense and more.


THT 302 - Acting I
Study the acting process through exercises, theater games and performanced. Explore and gain proficiency in the Stanislavski method of acting. Learn character analysis and rehearsal techniques in preparation for required in-class presentation of short scenes from modern play scripts.

THA 348 - Introduction to American Film

Study the complex relationship between American film and culture. Review and discuss the aesthetics and manifestation of film in American society.
     NOTE: Credit course listed as AMS 181. All sections also offered for credit, AMS 130,
                  FLM 130.  Textbook info. available at AACC Bookstore.

THA 345 - Introduction to Film
Study the vocabulary, methods of analysis and standards for criticism of various types of film. Participate in class discussions based on assigned films. All sections also offered for credit, FLM 120.

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