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Noncredit Theater Classes

Discover or develop your theatrical talent by taking AACC's Lifelong Learning theater courses. Subjects include basic acting, line delivery, stage presence, and improvisation. Learn to prepare for an audition, and the world of comedy, writing one-liners, physical humor and creating good will.

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THT 307 - Auditioning for Community Theater

THT 311 - The Basics of Acting

THT 308 - Shakespeare for Today

THT 310 - The Business of Voiceovers

­ THA-331 - Get Funny Online

TH 303 - Introduction to Screenwriting NEW Online

THT 302 - Acting 1 credit/noncredit

THA 335 - Acting 2 credit/noncredit

THA 345 - Introduction to Film credit/noncredit

THA 348 - Introduction To American Film credit/noncredit

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