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Questions to Ask During a College Department Interview

Some suggested questions to ask during a college department interview are listed below, but be sure to include some of your own:
  1. After reading an institution’s catalog, ask any questions you might have about course content, necessary background preparation, choice of electives, etc.

  2. How many students are in the program? What is the faculty/student ratio?  

  3. Which courses are taught by professors and which are taught by graduate students? Which courses have graduate assistants? What is the role of the graduate assistant in these courses? 

  4. What is the average class size?  

  5. What happens if I cannot get a class the semester I need it because of budget cuts, lack of teaching staff, insufficient enrollment, etc.? Will a substitution be made that will prepare me for future courses and will be used toward graduation?

  6. What type of internships, field placements, cooperative education, and study abroad programs exist?  

  7. How am I assigned an adviser?

  8. Do professors in this department have regular office hours for extra class help, as well as academic and career advising.  

  9. What is the graduation rate for students entering this program? How many students go to graduate school immediately after graduation and what schools do they attend? 

  10. How does this department keep in touch with employers to ensure that course content is up-to-date? What skills do employers tell the department are the most important for students in this major to acquire?

  11. Does the department or Career Center assist graduating seniors to obtain employment by offering on-campus interviews and resume services, and/or by contacting employers directly? How many seniors in this major found employment after graduation? What was the average length of time?