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Scholarships for Maryland Residents

For descriptions of the following scholarships refer here: 

  • Needs-based Grants
  • Guaranteed Access Grant
  • Educational Assistance Grant
  • Part-Time Grant
  • Graduate and Professional Scholarships
  • Legislative Scholarships
  • Senatorial Scholarships
  • Delegate Scholarships
  • Loan Assistance Repayment Program
  • Janet L. Hoffman Load Assistance Repayment Program
  • Loan Assistance Repayment Program-Primary Care Services
  • Merit and Career Based Scholarships
  • Child Care Provider Scholarships
  • HOPE Community College Transfer Student Scholarships
  • Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Child Welfare, and 
    Juvenile Justice Workforce Tuition Assistance Programs
  • Distinguished Scholar Awards
  • Distinguished Scholar Teacher Education Awards
  • Hope (General) Scholarships
  • Maryland Teacher Scholarships
  • Sharon Christa McAuliffe Memorial Teacher Education Awards
  • State Nursing Scholarship and Living Expenses Grants
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists and Assistants Programs
  • Science and Technology Scholarships


  • Edward T. Conroy Memorial Award (scholarship for children of veteran who has died or is disable as a  result of military service or for disabled veteran whose disability is a result of military service)
  • Tuition Reduction for Non-Resident Nursing Students
  • Tuition Waiver for Foster Care Recipients