Future Students

Tuition and Fees

Figuring Your Term CostsPDF is a handy tool to calculate the cost of the classes for which you would like to register. The form works for CREDIT terms only.


Tuition per credit hour*

Residents of Anne Arundel County
Residents of other Maryland counties
Residents of other states and foreign students**


Tuition reduction*

Some students enrolled in specific programs and/or courses may be eligible for waiver of some tuition charges. See Tuition Waivers and Reductions in the college catalog

Registration fee per term

General student fees*

Athletic  $ 1  per credit hour
Educational services
 $21 per credit hour
Student activity
 $ 2  per credit hour

Individual course fees*

Lab/clinical fees (vary per course), see Course Fees in the college catalog
 vary per course
Physical Education fee (per term if enrolled in a PHE course)

Penalty fees

Late payment
Late registration
Returned check

Testing fees

The most current fees may be found at: https://www.aacc.edu/testing/file/testingfees.pdf  or contact Testing at 410-777-2375

Credit by exam

Per credit hour
      plus application fee

Parking/Traffic Violations

 Parking/Traffic Violations
$15 - $50
  Late fees will be charged to all violations not paid within 28 calendar days of issue. Maximum cost per violation, including late fees, is $100

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
**For more information about the Maryland Dream Act click on the link to the right or contact Admission office at 410-777-2152

For questions regarding tuition and fees or tuition reductions call the Cashier's office at 410-777-2236

PAST-DUE ACCOUNTS: Student bills not paid in full by the due date are considered past-due accounts subject to collection action. Students whose accounts must be turned over to an outside collection agency will be held financially responsible for all tuition and fees, late fees and reasonable attorneys' fees and collection costs. In addition, the student will not be able to register for future semesters or get transcripts until payment is made in full.


Athletic fee funds athletic facilities, membership on intercollegiate athletic teams and admission to sporting events.

Clinical fees offset the cost of clinical placements and supervision. Request a complete explanation of clinical fee expenditures from the appropriate academic department.

Educational Services fees fund information literacy initiatives and instructional support services including online access to research information, maintenance and upgrade of the library automation system, peer tutoring, online tutoring and open-access computer labs.

Lab fees pay for materials and supplies for science experiments, computer supplies, equipment maintenance and special materials. Request a complete explanation of lab fee expenditures from the appropriate academic department.

Late Payment fee is assessed for each tuition and fee payment made after the scheduled due date. Due dates are listed in the class schedule and on the student's bill.

Late Registration fee is charged when student registers after the first day of the session.

Parking and Traffic Violation fees are charged to all students who violate any of the parking or traffic regulations.

Physical Education fees charged to all students enrolled in PHE courses for maintenance of instructional equipment.

Registration fees cover costs of the student identification card and registration.

Returned Check fee is assessed when a student's check is returned from the bank for any reason.

Student Activity fees offset the cost of co-curricular educational, cultural and recreational activities, publications and programs including the campus newspaper, drama performances and speakers.