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Quality Matters 2012 Recognized Courses

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The Quality Matters™ program is a faculty-centered peer course review quality assurance process for online learning. Review criteria are linked to external standards; criteria and process are supported through instructional design principles; and the process is vetted by faculty experts. The goals of the program are to increase student retention, learning and satisfaction in online courses by implementing better course design. Quality Matters is sponsored by MarylandOnline and has been adopted by hundreds of higher education institutions across forty states and Canada.

The following courses have met Quality Matters™ review:

Dr. John Sagi, Associate Professor, Business, BC&TS
Small Business Management, BPA/ESI 120

Dr. Gretchen Mester, Assistant Professor, Economics, BC&TS
Principles of Economics 2, ECO 212

Roy Carson, Professor, Business, BC&TS
Business Statistics, BPA 232

Brandy Whitlock, Faculty, Library, Learning Advancement
Student Success, ACA 100

Dr. Sridharan Iyengar, Professor, Chemistry, A&S
General Chemistry, CHE 111

Joan Doolittle, Professor, Psychology, A&S
Abnormal Psychology, PSY 214

A. Lawrie Gardner, Associate Professor, Business Administration, BC&TS
Principles of Accounting 2, BPA 212

Tracey Lloyd, Chair, Health Technologies, HPW&PE
Introduction to Medical Terminology, MDA 100

Beverly Beatty, Professor, Business Administration, BC&TS
Small Business Accounting, BPA 217

Monna Clark, Professor, Legal Studies, BC&TS
Business Law 1, BPA/LGS 253

Dr. Lester Brooks, Professor, History, A&S
African American History, HIS/AFA 214

Teresa Roy, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, BC&TS
Principles of Supervision, BPA 171

Dan Ferandez, Professor, Physical Science, A&S
Fundamentals of Weather, PHS 119

Dr. Raymond Turner, Professor, Economics, BC&TS
Inside the Global Economy, ECO 116

Darlene Mallick, Professor, Homeland Security & Criminal Justice, BC&TS
History of Homicide, CJS/LGS 136