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Quality Matters 2013 Recognized Courses

The Quality Matters™ program is a faculty-centered peer course review quality assurance process for online learning. Review criteria are linked to external standards; criteria and process are supported through instructional design principles; and the process is vetted by faculty experts. The goals of the program are to increase student retention, learning and satisfaction in online courses by implementing better course design. Quality Matters is sponsored by MarylandOnline and has been adopted by hundreds of higher education institutions across forty states and Canada.

The following courses have met Quality MattersTM review:

Lisa Bradley, Assistant Professor, Business, BC&TS

The Office Manager, BPA 161

Darlene Mallick, Professor, Homeland Security & Criminal Justice, BC&TS

Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJS 111

Carolin Woolson, Associate Professor, Philosophy, A&S

Introduction to Philosophy, PHL 111

Rachelle Tannenbaum, Associate Professor, Psychology, A&S

Child Psychology, PSY 205

Steve Berry, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, BC&TS

Marketing Principles, BPA 125

Dr. Tera Mikula, Associate Professor, Psychology, A&S

Psychology of Women, PSY/GSS 222

Dr. Daniel Nataf, Associate Professor, Political Science/A&S

American Government, PLS 111

Brandy Whitlock, Faculty, Library/Learning Advancement

Introduction to Library Research, LIB 100

Richard Otten, Assistant Professor, American Studies/A&S

Popular Culture in America, AMS 121

Nicole Reed, Assistant Professor, Education/CAPS

Children’s Health, Nutrition and Safety, EDU 135