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What is Distance Education?                               
Distance education provides a convenient, approach for our students to learn. Students attend class from anywhere - in the office, at home, at school, or on the road, and study at a pace that's right for them.

Anne Arundel Community College also develops courses for our students. These are delivered through either ANGEL or Elluminate or are a mix of the two web-based systems (WB). 

ANGEL is the platform that Anne Arundel Community College uses for online asynchronous (not real time) courses that were developed in-house. Students need a computer and access to the Internet. Courses vary in length.  
Elluminate is a real time online classroom format for courses developed by Anne Arundel Community College and held over the Internet. Students will need a head set and a microphone to participate in the class. Courses vary in length.

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Course Title Course # and Description  Instructions 
Child Care 1 -- Child Growth and Development


Child Care: The School-Age Child DAC-370 View
Child Care 2 -- Activities for Young Children CDA-306 View
Family Child Care Preservice Module 1 DCC 300 View
Family Child Care Preservice Module 2 DCC 301 View
Family Child Care Preservice Module 3 DCC 302


Family Child Care Preservice Module 4 DCC 303 View
Family Child Care Preservice Module 5 DCC 304 View
Family Child Care Preservice Training Module 6 DCC 305 View

Praxis 2: Special Education ETP 309
Managing Anger in Family Life FON 306
Cooperative Parenting
TPC 327
Downsizing: Moving Made Easy
 LFS 316
Becoming a Professional Home Remodeler
OPA 321
Civil War: Robert E Lee -Man and Myth HRY 300
How the Vietnam War Was Fought HRY-305 View
Social Issues in The Vietnam War HRY-306 View
Watercolor Basics for Beginner ATS-304 View

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