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Online Learning 24/7: AACC's Virtual Campus

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Fitting college into your life is easier than you think.

In highly competitive times like these, your education can make a difference and online learning offers a great way to fit education into your busy life. AACC's Virtual Campus is one of the nation's leading community college e-learning providers. We place excellent educational programs taught by highly-credentialed faculty and supported by a top-notch technical team at your fingertips.

Choose from a comprehensive array of credit distance education courses to complete a degree, certificate, letter of recognition, or update workplace skills. Or, if you prefer, select from a variety of continuing education distance education courses.

Visit Meet the Virtual Campus to learn about steps for enrolling in distance education courses, tips for success, and available student support services for e-learners.

Learning Formats

Online courses use the Internet and a learning management system to deliver course materials; and to facilitate regular and substantive interaction between instructor-student, student-student and student-content. To participate in online classes, you should have a good understanding of computer hardware and software applications and the Internet. (You may be required to take proctored exams or on-campus assessments at a testing center.)

Hybrid courses combine the learning formats of in-class instruction and convenient, online computer-based learning, resulting in a reduction of the amount of time spent on campus. Students registered in hybrid courses must attend scheduled campus meetings, as printed in the AACC Schedule of Credit Classes.

Web-based courses meet on campus according to the schedule published in AACC’s Schedule of Classes. Selected tools and features of a learning management system are used to supplement and/or expand on-campus instruction and activities.

Interactive courses use special high-tech classrooms that allow students to interact, in real-time, with students and faculty at a remote location while earning credits from AACC.

Online, hybrid, real-time, or web-based on campus--the choice is yours!