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Are You Ready for Distance Education?

Online courses are a convenient way to take classes; they allow for flexibility in your schedule and can save you travel time and money. However, online courses are not a good fit for everyone. Students who are successful in the online environment are self-disciplined, organized, and have good time management skills.

Find out if online courses are right for you by completing the readiness assessment SmarterMeasure (formerly known as READI). SmarterMeasure is a web-based tool designed to gauge your likelihood for succeeding in an online learning program. It's easy to take, and once you've finished, you'll receive immediate feedback outlining your strengths, as well as areas of potential challenges.

The readiness assessment should only take about 15 minutes to complete, but you'll receive an e-mail with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in case you need to stop and return to it later.

To start, go to READI and enter the following:

Username: studentaacc

Password: success

Click "Login"

That's it. You're ready to begin!