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Elluminate Live!

Elluminate Live! is a real-time, virtual meeting space. Elluminate Live! is being used by some faculty to meet with their classes to give live demonstrations, hold discussions, or have guest lecturers. Academic Advising also uses Elluminate Live! to conduct sessions to answer general advising questions.

We recommend that all participants have access to a microphone and speakers. Participants can still use Elluminate's chat feature without a microphone. To use Elluminate Live! follow these easy steps prior to the session. 

Step 1 
Check your computer.

Step 2  
Under "Complete your setup," click on Configuration Room. This process will take a minute, don't click off of the page.
Step 3 
In the Configuration Room, you will need to configure your audio.
Click on Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard and follow the directions.
Step 4
Complete the participant training. (5 minutes)
Once you have completed these steps, you may join the session, on the specified date, by using the link provided to you by the moderator of the session. It's recommended that you join the session 15 minutes prior to the start time to make sure you are ready to go.

If you need assistance, contact Joe Goforth at 410-777-2628 or e-mail