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Photography Club
AACC Photography Club - Kinder Farms Photo Excursion

­The Visual Arts Department has a number of student clubs and organizations. Get involved!

Graphic Design Club
­Erik Dunham
Provides graphic design and visual arts students opportunities for participating in continuing education events, speakers, seminars and other activities to enhance student knowledge of the graphic design field. Also provides employment outreach through partnerships with graphic design firms and job fairs.

Ceramics - Keramos Society
Rick Malmgren
Provides opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and techniques relating to clay and ceramics; showcase and share talents of visiting and local artists; display student works. Annual ceramics sale and show.

Art Association
Matt Klos
Promotes interaction among art students; provides professional networking opportunities, field trips; prepare and present art exhibitions.

Matthew Moore
Provides opportunities for students to attend lectures, seminars and workshops related to photography and the visual arts fields. Students may attend field trips to local agencies, and job training events as well as providing peer support to fellow photography students.

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