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Drew Snyder

Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
CADE 225

Drew Snyder is a full time instructor with the Communication Arts Technology program. He teaches a wide range of digital design courses with a special interest in 3D Computer Graphics and Gaming. After studying fine arts for several years, he received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Industrial Design. His first job after school was as a toy designer for K’NEX, later becoming a consult to several companies. In 1998 he began teaching Design Arts at Lehigh University. In 2004 he received his Master Degree in Digital Imaging and Design from New York University. In 2006 he relocated from Bethlehem, PA to Silver Spring, MD and began teaching at AACC.

Since beginning at the school, Drew has been working on developing new gaming courses and degrees, including courses in 3D Modeling, Game Prototyping, and Game History. As early as Fall of 2010, the department of Visual Arts will also offer both a Game Interface Design A.A.S. Degree and a Game Art & Design Transfer A.A. Degree.

If you have further questions about Gaming at AACC, do not hesitate to contact Drew Snyder at 410-777-7029 or e-mail him at

Visual Arts Department Game Program

Video Games are created by teams of Artists, Designers, Programmers, and Managers. Game Producers manage the team the makes the game, Game Artists create the visual and audio content of the game, the Game Programmers create the technology that makes the game content interactive, and the Designer determines what the game is and how the game functions by determining how the content will be interacted with. There are numerous Video Game companies in this region, there are also numerous companies that make Interactive Simulations. Simulations in most instances use the same technology and teams that are used to make a video game, however the game produced is designed to teach rather than entertain a person. 

Courses in the Visual Arts Department focus on Game Art and Design. Game Art courses teach how to create 2D graphics, 3D models, and sound effects for games. Game Design courses teach how to create and prototype games. There are also courses that look at the game industry and its history. See the Communication Arts Technology (CAT) courses in the College Catalog for a listing of all gaming courses offered by the department, or contact Drew Snyder.