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Welding for Work

In partnership with Earlbeck Gases and Technologies, AACC is pleased to offer students a series of welding courses (MIG, STICK and TIG) that will prepare students for immediate employment in only five weeks. Earlbeck has 100% of their intermediate and advanced students passing their AWS certification and walking out of the door with a job...where else can you get that kind of guarantee?

Welding for Work - MIG certificate code: CE.WELD-MIG
Welding for Work - STICK certificate code: CE.WELD-STICK
Welding for Work - TIG certificate code: CE.WELD-TIG

Photo of welder.

What is the job outlook?
 Employment for welders is expected to grow 15 percent through 2020. Properly skilled welders with up-to-date training have the best job prospects. The average annual salary of a welder in Maryland is $43,070.

What is the training?

State-of-the-art job training is held at Earlbeck Gases and Technologies in Rosedale, MD. This facility meets the industries demand for qualified, certified welders in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Students receive classroom and hands-on training using the latest welding equipment available in the industry. Training at Earlbeck is designed to meet our students needs with both daytime and evening classes throughout the year. Tours are available by appointment. Call Don Hodges at 410-687-8400.

 What credentials will I earn?
Upon successful completion students earn an AACC continuing education certificate for each training (STICK, MIG, TIG) , CEUs and an Earlbeck Certification of Completion award. To receive the certificate students complete and submit the form to our office. The form and instructions can be found at

What courses will I take and what does it cost?

Welding for Work - STICK
OCC 344 - Welding for Work - STICK
Total hours: 90
$3,407 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition, fees and welding gear kit.

Welding for Work - MIG
OCC 345 - Welding for Work - MIG
Total hours: 78
$3,407 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition, fees and welding gear kit. 

Welding for Work - TIG
OCC 346 - Welding for Work - TIG
Total hours: 84
$3,407 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition, fees and welding gear kit.

What are the requirements?
Students must be at least 18 years old.

 How do I enroll? 
 Register online, in person, by fax, mail or touch-tone phone.

 For more information please contact Occupational Skills at 410-777-2447 or