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World Language Just Beginning Classes

Sample a new language in a 10- to 20-hour course with one of AACC's many noncredit world language courses. Ideal for students wanting to explore a new language for personal enrichment or for travel, choose from beginning, intermediate or advanced courses - even online speed courses, or enroll your child or grandchild and yourself in an intergenerational language course.

LAN-323 - Introduction to Arabic
LAN-302 - Beginning Arabic 1
LAN-311 - Beginning Arabic 2 

LAN-315 - Basic Chinese
LGA-379 - Beginning Chinese
LAN-321 - Beginning Chinese 2
LAN-325 - Chinese One-on-One

LGE-369 - Beginning French 1
LGE-372 - Beginning French 2
LGA-366 - French Conversation
LAN-328 - Basic French
LGA-387 - Speed French ONLINE 

LGE-374 - Beginning German 1
LGE-370 - Beginning German 2

LGA-393 - Basic Hungarian

LGA-376 - Beginning Italian
LGA-386 - Beginning Italian 2
LAN-320 - Beginning Italian 3
LGA-390 - Conversational Italian
LAN-319 - Speed Italian
LGA-395 - Basic Italian

LAN-313 - Beginning Japanese 1
LAN-317 - Beginning Japanese 2
LAN-309 - Japanese 3 - Conversation

LAN-316 - Beginning Portuguese

LGA-391 - Beginning Russian 1
LGA-396 - Beginning Russian 2
LAN-326 - Intermediate Russian
LGA-343 - Conversational Russian

LAN-329 - Basic Spanish
LGE-380 - Beginning Spanish 1
LGE-320 - Beginning Spanish 2
LGA-363 - Conversational Spanish
LGA-388 - Speed Spanish ONLINE  
LAN-303 - Speed Spanish 2 ONLINE
LAN-314 - Speed Spanish 3 ONLINE  

Intergenerational Language Classes
These courses offer an excellent way to acquire knowledge and build relationships. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16, and both child and adult must be registered.

FAM-512 - Spanish for All Ages
FAM-511 - French for Everyone
FAM-510 - Italian for All Ages

For information about courses on this page, contact Dawn Schulman, assistant director of lifelong learning, 410- 777-2807 or e-mail