Future Students

The Writing Center

Arnold Writing Center

The Writing Center provides continuous help to students from all disciplines by providing one-on-one tutoring on a walk-in basis. English department faculty tutors are happy to assist in preparing written assignments, offer help in understanding errors on graded papers, and provide additional training in grammar, punctuation, and usage.

NEW: Online Tutoring is now available through the AACC Virtual Writing Center. Click here to watch a video clip!

Services Provided

What tutors will do:

  • Read some of your work and indicate problems in unity, coherence, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
  • Teach you how to repair errors.
  • Guide you through the process of developing a thesis statement.
  • Share proofreading strategies that you can employ on your own.
  • Help you assess if you have documented your research-based paper correctly (APA or MLA style).
  • Raise questions regarding conformity with assignments.

What tutors will not do:

  • Proofread or edit your paper for you.
  • Make any marks or corrections on your paper.
  • Approve, grade, or evaluate your work.
Student Responsibilities

When to come:

  • at least one full day before an assignment is due (so that you have time to make the suggested revisions)
  • as often as you wish!

What to bring:

  • your assignment sheet
  • a typed, double-spaced draft of your paper, if you are at that stage of the Writing Process.
  • a pen or pencil for making corrections on your draft
  • specific questions

What to expect:

  • a 30-minute individual session with a tutor (during peak times you might need to wait for the next available tutor)
  • the tutor to go through some of your paper with you, focusing on the area(s) that you indicated on the intake form (thesis/topic sentences, style, organization, grammar/punctuation, documentation, or other)
  • online follow-up activities for skill development, if applicable and desired.