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Arnold Writing Center

The Writing Center is committed to collaborating with faculty from all disciplines to assist students with their writing assignments and promote retention and success.

Here are some steps that faculty can take to insure that their students have a high quality tutoring experience:

      • Familiarize yourself with the Writing Center's policies and procedures as listed on the main Writing Center page and under the FAQ's Related Link.
      • Include our website on your syllabus and encourage students to consult our website for information on hours and locations, tutor schedules, a summary of what to expect and how to prepare, links to additional resources, and answers to FAQ’s
      • Provide students with written instructions for assignments; clearly detail expectations for content, organization, grammar, style, and documentation.  Remind students to bring their assignment sheet when they come for help
      • Encourage students to come to the Writing Center long enough before the paper is due so as to be able to make the suggested revisions
      • Remind students that the Writing Center can help with general skill development
      • Incentivize responsible use of the Writing Center
        • Consider making a Writing Center tutoring session a condition of being allowed to rewrite a paper for a higher grade
        • If you give extra credit, consider making it contingent on students coming at least a full day before the assignment is due and coming prepared (with their assignment sheet)
      • Avoid sending entire classes at the same time as we only have one or two tutors available
      • Encourage students to ask for specific types of help with their paper.  Avoid telling students to bring their papers for tutors to “look over” or proofread.
      • Use referrals (see below) to enhance communication between faculty and tutors.

      Request Materials

      Fact sheetsPDF are routinely provided to all faculty teaching composition courses.  If you wish to distribute copies to students in other classes, we will gladly provide them.  Click here to request fact sheets.  Be sure to include your mail stop and the number of fact sheets you would like.

      Take an active role in making sure your students get the support they need!  ReferralsPDF  are a great way for faculty and tutors to work together to help students.  When you fill out a referral and give it to a student to bring with him or her to the Writing Center, the tutor knows exactly how to assist the student.  Anecdotally, the use of these forms also makes it more likely that the student will actually come to the Writing Center (as opposed to simply telling a student that he or she should use tutoring resources).  Referrals are two-part carbons (so that faculty will get a receipt confirming that the session took place).  Click here to request referrals.  Be sure to include your mail stop and the number of referrals you would like.