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Students wishing to be admitted to certain programs of study at Anne Arundel Community College may be required to provide proof of immunization or immunity for required vaccinations prior to enrollment in the program. These immunization requirements are based on guidelines set forth by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, program accreditation standards and the best interest of students. The admission requirements for most health profession programs of study require completion of a heath examination record with conformation of the required vaccinations.

In addition, AACC supports the position of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene which requires students enrolled in an institution of higher education and living in on-campus student housing to obtain a meningococcal vaccination.

Vaccination requirements for children enrolled in AACC programs:

  • Prior to attending the AACC Child Development Center, your child will need a completed Health Inventory Form as well as a record of age-appropriate immunizations. Also required is evidence that children younger than 6 years of age have appropriate screening for lead poisoning, in accordance with Maryland law. Children who reside (or have ever resided) in certain areas of the state designated as at-risk for childhood lead poisoning must receive one or more blood lead tests at 12 and 24 months of age.
  • Participants in the college‚Äôs Kids in College summer camp program are required to complete a Camper Health History and provide confirmation of immunization. Campers exempt from any immunization for medical or religious reasons must provide certification of the exception signed by a licensed physician.
  • Participants in the AACC Educational Talent Search Program are Anne Arundel County Public School system students and must have met the Maryland State School Immunization Requirements