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Sample pages from the 2022 impact report

The Foundation’s mission is to expand private philanthropy and cultivate partnerships to enhance AACC’s ability to support students and initiatives that strengthen our community. In this FY22 Impact Report you will see many examples of how a single gift can make the difference in the lives of our students. Our success would not be possible without the generosity of our donors. It is with this dedication and support that Anne Arundel Community College is able to provide more solutions that make our community stronger.

Image of two students with books for Launching the Future header.
Students come to Anne Arundel Community College with dreams, dedication and an enormous drive to redefine themselves for success. Yet the world they are entering is increasingly complex. Having the right skills is the only way our students can improve their lives and provide for their families.

At Anne Arundel Community College, we are embarking on a ground-breaking initiative to prepare students for careers that are fueling economic growth and opportunity. With your help, we will launch:

Our students are the nurses by our bedsides, the electricians in our homes, and the police officers on our streets. They are our employees and our entrepreneurs. They are our future, and they need assistance that goes beyond what public budgets can provide.

With your help, we can transform lives, fuel economic growth and opportunity, and strengthen the quality of life for our entire community.

Let’s launch the future together - for our students and our community.

Powerful Workforce Programs

Outside of the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades

Employers say it’s getting harder and harder to fill the community’s 4,000 trades positions that are posted each year. At the same time, members of our community who are out of work are looking to rebuild and retool for the jobs of tomorrow. The Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades is preparing students for a changing job market.

Thanks to your help, we have constructed the Clauson Center to fill the labor gap and provide opportunities to our neighbors. This approximately 11,400-square-foot facility on the Arnold campus includes:

  • Hands-on learning in state-of-the-art labs
  • Fast-track training that targets key skill shortages in plumbing, electric, welding, framing and finish carpentry, and other trades
  • New programs for growing fields such as health care and cybersecurity
  • “Real world” apprenticeships and coaching to successfully transition our students into jobs with local employers

Where we focus — and how we get there — is based on a true partnership with business leaders, trade associations and the community. 

Increased Scholarship Opportunities

Image of students smiling for Launching the Future page.

Our typical student is 25, has a family and works multiple jobs. A scholarship can be the deciding factor in whether our students enroll in college or get stuck where they are — without hope. But in recent years, the college has not had enough resources to award private scholarships to all students in need. With your help, we can change that.

Our goal is to significantly increase the number of scholarships we offer. This will allow more people to pursue their college dreams and create a better life for themselves and their families.

With your support, we can ensure that our college’s life-changing opportunities are available to everyone.

Scholarship for Associate Degree Completion

For many students, an associate degree is the key to launching their future and pursuing a dream. But for some, financial barriers can stand in the way. We know students face complex financial situations. Scholarship for Associate Degree Completion provides financial support for students who are within 15 credits of completing a credit degree program at AACC.

Donate to the Scholarship for Associate Degree Completion

Pathways to Credit Studies Scholarship

The Pathways to Credit Studies Scholarship is open to any AACC student in good academic standing who is pursuing a credit program, regardless of program area or number of credits remaining. We understand that different students need help in different ways. This scholarship may be used to cover whatever tuition, fees and/or educational materials a student needs to successfully complete their courses.

Donate to the Pathways to Credit Studies Scholarship

Access to Noncredit Studies Scholarship

The Access to Noncredit Studies Scholarship creates opportunities for students to pursue job training, professional skills and certifications. These scholarships can support students interested in dental assisting, nursing assisting, veterinary assisting, administrative professional and more. Depending on the program, scholarship funds may cover tuition, fees and other necessary program expenses to help students to kick-start their careers.

Donate to the Access to Noncredit Studies Scholarship

Future Nursing Professionals Scholarship

The Future Nursing Professionals Scholarship provides financial support to students enrolled in AACC's top-ranked nursing programs, giving them access to training with world-class professionals on state-of-the-art equipment. This scholarship is designed to ensure that all qualified, hardworking students who want to enter the nursing profession have the resources they need to complete their education. 

Donate to the Future Nursing Professionals Scholarship

Clauson Center Trades Education Scholarship

Careers in the skilled trades provide students with rewarding careers that pay family sustaining wages. The Clauson Center Trades Education Scholarship ensures that these careers are accessible to all members of our community. It provides support (up to 75% of course costs) for students enrolled in an approved, noncredit certificate program offered through AACC's School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Donate to the Clauson Center Trades Education Scholarship

Establishing a Scholarship

Annual Scholarships are funded by the donor on a year-by-year basis. Establishing an annual scholarship will allow your gift to go to work immediately, helping AACC students achieve their academic dreams.

  • Annual scholarships can be established with a minimum gift(s) of $5,000 or more.
  • Working together, the AACC Foundation will help to identify the scholarship profile including the criteria for award and any particular area of interest you wish to support. 

Endowed Scholarships are designed to be permanent, self-sustaining funds that will support students well into the future. When you create an endowed scholarship, you are creating a permanent legacy at AACC. 

  • Permanently endowed scholarships can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000. The principal is invested and a portion of the interest income funds the award annually once the fund reaches maturity. 
  • The AACC Foundation will help establish the scholarship profile including the criteria for award. 

For information about scholarships, contact Holly Cole at 410-777-2110 or

Enhanced Services

Group of students with Dr. Lindsay

We know the deepest learning happens when students feel like they belong and have the resources they need to be successful. That’s why our commitment to students does not begin and end in the classroom. It’s woven into our campus culture. Now, we want to do more.


For many of our students, one financial crisis can mean the end of their college career. HelpLink provides temporary emergency assistance to help students pay for food, medical bills, transportation and other expenses. HelpLink means students in crisis can stay in school until they get back on their feet.

Diversity Faculty Fellows

At AACC, we know that diversity in the classroom has a positive effect on all of our students. It encourages personal growth, prepares students for the diverse workplace and reflects our community. The new Diversity Faculty Fellows program will help adjunct instructors of color move into full-time faculty positions by providing professional development, mentoring and other opportunities that will expand access to the career pipeline.

Ways to Give

At Anne Arundel Community College, we aim for a higher benchmark by:

  • Rethinking how we prepare students for the future
  • Working hand-in-hand with industry to ensure we grow with our community
  • Reaching deeper into the community to support more students so they can fulfill their dreams

When our students succeed, the entire community benefits. But we cannot do it alone. Together, we can launch the future.

Your gift makes the difference - for our students and for our community.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities allow donors to immediately generate a positive impact for our community while also creating a legacy that will endure for years. Several opportunities exist on campus, including in the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades. For information on naming opportunities, contact Development Director Wendy Thomas at 410-777-1309 or

Make a Pledge

When you make a multiyear pledge to the Launching the Future campaign, you can maximize your giving potential while keeping your annual commitment manageable. For information about making a pledge, contact Development Director Wendy Thomas at 410-777-1309 or

Payroll Deduction

AACC faculty and staff may make campaign contributions through payroll deduction, which allows them to make a pretax contribution to the program of their choice with each paycheck. For information on how to sign up for a payroll deduction gift, contact Development Director Wendy Thomas at 410-777-1309 or

IRA and Stock Gifts

To initiate a transfer held by a brokerage or commercial bank, notify the broker or bank that you intend to electronically transfer the funds to the college. This often can be done online.

Important: Contact the college at 410-777-1309 or when you intend to transfer funds.

To make the transfer, contact:

Wilmington Trust, 410-545-2765
Attention: Elizabeth Baker
Account Name: Anne Arundel Community College Foundation Inc.
Account Number: 1041216, Participant (DTC) Number: 990, Institutional ID Number: 26385

Recommend a Grant from a Donor-Advised Fund

The AACC Foundation is eligible to receive grants from donor-advised funds. To let us know about your intention to recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund, contact Development Director Wendy Thomas at 410-777-1309 or

Planned Giving

The AACC Foundation is grateful for the vision and generosity of those who leave a bequest in their will or trust to support the college and launch the future for our students. For information on planned giving opportunities, contact Development Director Wendy Thomas at 410-777-1309 or

Our Mission

The AACC Foundation expands private philanthropy and cultivates partnerships to enhance AACC’s ability to support students and initiatives that strengthen our community.

Our Vision

As an indispensable partner to Anne Arundel Community College, the AACC Foundation ensures the college has the necessary resources and partnerships to create an engaged and inclusive society.

AACC Foundation Board of Directors


Frank Campbell, Esq. President

Dan Mathias Vice President

Eric Keitz, CPA Treasurer

Rev. Dr. Diane Dixon-Proctor Secretary

Cullen Murray Immediate Past President

Board Directors

Shawn Ashworth, Ed.D. Julie Mussog, CPA
Amber Bartlett David Orso
Nadine Chien, Ph.D., Esq. Louben Repke
Michael Crim Marcianna Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Conor Curran John Rosso
Ethan Dietrich Daniel T. Russell, CPA
Cara duCellier Pete Smith
Richard Faircloth, Ph.D. Jay Strickland
Mark Hartzell Lawrence W. Ulvila Jr.
David Leach Howard Weinstein, Esq. 
Mark Libby Laura Westervelt  
Kevin Lusby   

Vollie Melson Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and the AACC Foundation 

Dr. Dawn Lindsay President, AACC 

Jay Winer Director Emeritus 

Harold V. Nutt Director Emeritus (Deceased)


We’re happy to help.

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Thank You

The AACC Foundation is deeply grateful to our industry partners for supporting the construction of the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades. With their generosity, the Clauson Center will provide more opportunities to members of our community.