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Students walk across the quad in autumn.
Anne Arundel Community College has five schools of study that cover a wide range of subjects and industries.

Four of the schools offer credit programs that lead to two-year associate degrees or certificates that can transfer to a four-year institution or prepare you for immediate entry into a career. Don’t let your professional and personal development stop there. The School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development lives up to its name with courses and certificate programs that help you begin a career, advance a career or engage in personal development. Our nationally recognized programs and innovative instruction will help you meet your goals, so learn more about all we have to offer you at any age and any stage of your career and life!

School of Business and Law

Business and related degrees are among the most popular fields of study in higher education. The many programs that make up AACC’s School of Business and Law will prepare you for transfer to a four-year school, to enter the workforce or to advance your knowledge and skills for greater success on the job.

Within our school, you'll find Business Administration (accounting); Business Management (including Transportation, Logistics and Cargo); Economics; Entrepreneurial Studies Institute; Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute (including Law Enforcement); and the Legal Studies Institute.

Learn about the School of Business and Law.

School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

What unites us in the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development is a passion for continuous growth and improvement. We're here to help you pursue a new job, advance your career, learn a skill or explore a new hobby. True lifelong learning means seeking out opportunities that challenge and sharpen us, motivating us to set and achieve our goals.

Within our school you'll find: Adult Basic Skills and ESL; Apprenticeship and Applied Learning; Corporate Training Group; Correctional and Continuing Education; Cyber and Technology Training; Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute (HCAT), and Lifelong Learning (including Kids in College).

Learn about the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

School of Health Sciences

As a community leader, we believe the residents of Anne Arundel County and beyond deserve the best care from highly trained health professionals. If you think this fast growing field is right for you, the School of Health Sciences is your home to a wide range of health-related degrees and certificates that can prepare you for a career or transfer to a four-year college and beyond.

Addiction Counseling; Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic; Human Services; Kinesiology; Massage Therapy; Medical Assisting; Medical Coding; Medical Laboratory Technician; Nursing; Personal Trainer; Phlebotomy Technician; Physical Therapist Assistant; Practical Nursing; Public Health; Radiologic Technology; and Surgical Technology.

Learn more about the School of Health Sciences.

School of Liberal Arts

Organizations today seek employees who are good communicators, creative thinkers and willing collaborators, all skills you’ll build in the School of Liberal Arts. If you consider yourself a free-thinker and are driven by the big questions of why, what and what if, this is the place for you. Studies within the School of Liberal Arts provide you with a general knowledge base and a strong foundation in higher education, and the place where you’ll find performing and visual arts as well.

Within our school you'll find: Academic Literacies; Achieving College and Career Advancement; Communications; English; History, Political Science and Philosophy; Interdisciplinary Studies (African-American Studies, American Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies); Mathematics, Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Theater Arts); Psychology; Sociology, Anthropology and Geography; Visual Arts and World Languages (including American Sign Language).

Learn about the School of Liberal Arts.

School of Science, Technology and Education

In our technologically immersed society, the future belongs to those who can use science and technology to solve critical problems. From cybersecurity to sustainable architecture, environmental science to engineering, many of the fastest growing industries with the best job prospects are in STEM fields, which you’ll find in the School of Science, Technology and Education.

Architecture and Interior Design, Astronomy, Biology/The Environmental Center, Chemistry, Computer Technologies, Computer Science and Web Technologies, Cybersecurity, Networking and Digital Forensics, Database Administration and Foundation, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Applications, Engineering, Mechatronics, Physics, Physical Science, Sustainable Energy Systems, STEM Center (National STEM Consortium and Regional STEM Center) and the Teacher Education & Child Care Institute.

Learn more about the School of Science, Technology and Education.