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Policy for the Evaluation of the President

It is the policy of the Anne Arundel Community College Board of Trustees to conduct a written evaluation of the president on an annual basis in order to provide a tool to support the president in the management of the college.  
This annual evaluation shall have the following goals: 

  • To promote clear communication and a constructive relationship between the president and the Board of Trustees;
  • To provide performance feedback to the president;
  • To enhance and improve the performance of the president;
  • To ensure that the policies of the Board of Trustees are adhered to; 
  • To assess whether the goals established by the Board of Trustees for the president have been met; and
  • To provide a basis for future contract considerations, including, but not limited to, annual remuneration and bonus based on performance. 

The process and criteria for evaluation shall be contained in the Procedures for the Evaluation of the President established by the Board of Trustees, which may be amended from time to time.   
Policy Title: Policy for the Evaluation of the President  
Policy Category: General 
Policy Owner: Board Chair 
Policy Administrator: Vice Chair 
Contact Information: 
Approval Date: November 13, 2012 
Effective Date: November 13, 2012  
History: Adopted on March 2005; revised November 13, 2012 
Applies to: President 
Related Policies: N/A 
Related Procedures: N/A 
Forms/Guidelines: N/A 
Relevant Laws: N/A