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Anne Arundel Community College, in recognition of the rights to freedom of speech and peaceable assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and as fundamental to the democratic process, supports the rights of individuals and groups to assemble, demonstrate and express their views for or against actions and opinions.

The college also recognizes a concurrent obligation to maintain and provide a safe and secure campus environment conducive to college operations, activities, decorum and respect for all.

Individuals and groups that wish to exercise their rights of free speech and peaceable assembly on premises owned and/or operated by the college shall do so in accordance with college guidelines in order to ensure (a) that their ability to exercise these rights is recognized and preserved and (b) that their exercise of such rights does not disrupt, obstruct, impede or otherwise interfere in any manner with college operations, activities, and/or the safety and rights of all members of the college community.

Policy Title: Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly

Policy Category: General

Policy Owner: President

Policy Administrator: Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety

Contact Information: Sean Kapfhammer;; 410-777-2836

Approval Date: May 8, 2018

Effective Date: May 8, 2018

History: N/A                                  

Applies to: All faculty, staff, students and visitors

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Forms/Guidelines: N/A

Relevant Laws: N/A