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Reasonable accommodation will be granted to students showing satisfactory academic progress who are called to military service (appropriate documentation is required). All active duty and reserve military students should check with instructors on or before the first day of class to determine course policy with regard to short-term deployment (e.g., the attendance policy for the course). Most courses are structured such that a single deployment of one to two weeks during a term allow for the student to complete the work missed upon return or take an incomplete. Incompletes may be taken only with permission and cooperation of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all work missed whether taking an incomplete or completing the work in a timely manner within the term enrolled. Students taking an incomplete should refer to the Incomplete Work section. Student communication with the instructor is key.

However, a few courses have internal or external requirements such that makeup work cannot be accommodated. Students deployed while taking such a course must withdraw (see below). Students showing satisfactory academic progress and having to leave a program due to military service requirements must withdraw from the course(s) and will be allowed to re-enter the program by retaking the course or courses from which they had to withdraw. There are courses in some programs in which the student may be able to take an "incomplete" and finish the course in cooperation with the instructor, even with deployments that extend beyond one or two weeks of time. Military students suspending studies in courses with required lab components, clinical components, and/or competency requirements will be allowed re-entry provided the student meets standard departmental and/or program entry requirements. The student will be re-entered into an open seat in the next available class cycle.