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As a public institution, Anne Arundel Community College manages and administers the purchase of services and resources for the benefit of the college. Procurements shall be conducted with integrity and in compliance with applicable state or federal procurement regulations. The college shall:

  • Maintain a competitive environment for all vendors and suppliers, making certain that each is treated fairly and without preference; 
  • Ensure that each selected vendor or supplier is able to provide the college with quality services and/or resources;   
  • Obtain all services and resources at the best value, including price, service, quality, delivery, and the best interests of the college; and
  • Encourage the participation of minority business enterprises and disadvantaged business enterprises by maintaining an environment conducive to such business enterprises participating in college procurement.  

Any college purchase of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or more requires Board of Trustees approval.  Approval of change orders to Board of Trustees-approved awards is hereby delegated to the president, or his/her designee, in an amount not to exceed the sum of $99,999 either as a single change order amount or as a total amount of more than one change order. 

The Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the president, or his/her designee, to develop and establish appropriate procedures to implement and enforce this policy.

Policy Title: Procurement Policy 

Policy Category: Administration, Business and Fiscal Affairs 

Policy Owner: Vice President for Learning Resources Management 

Policy Administrator: Associate Vice President for Learning Resources Management 

Contact Information: Andrew Little;; 410-777-2227 

Approval Date: December 9, 2014 

Effective Date: December 9, 2014 

History: Adopted on November 9, 2004; Revised December 9, 2014  

Applies to: All employees 

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