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Procedures for Implementation

  1. Each term the individual enrolls for classes, he/she must document that he/she has registered with the appropriate local and state agencies as required by law and also register with the college’s Department of Public Safety and Police and the Director of Student Conduct.
  2. The Department of Public Safety and Police shall confirm that the student has registered with the county police and all other appropriate local and state agencies. If the student has not done so, he/she shall immediately be suspended and/or terminated from the college.
  3. If the student is properly registered with the county police and all other appropriate agencies, he/she shall be referred to the Director of Student Conduct.
  4. No later than seven days from the referral, the Director of Student Conduct shall contact the individual to review with him/her whether any restrictions or conditions for his/her release or parole exist and shall request and receive any other information deemed relevant for the protection of the student population and the college.
  5. Based on the nature of the student’s offense and the stipulations associated with his/her release, the Director of Student Conduct shall establish a contingency agreement for the student. The agreement may include, but is not limited to, the following conditions:
    1. Restrict the student from participation in certain programs, courses or events.
    2. Restrict the student’s access to certain areas of the college.
    3. Require that the student check in periodically (monthly) with the Director of Student Conduct.
    4. Require the student to provide documentation to the Director of Student Conduct that he/she is participating in any required psychological or medical treatment programs.
    5. Any other appropriate terms deemed necessary by the Director of Student Conduct to be included in the agreement.
  6. Upon completion of the contingency agreement, the Director of Student Conduct shall provide a copy to the student and forward a copy to the college’s Department of Public Safety and Police.
  7. Any violation of any term of the agreement shall subject the student to immediate suspension and/or termination from the college.